Find Common Ground in the Suite Life

If you enjoy both quiet study time and exciting group activities, The Commons is the place for you. Make your space your own—whether that is a sanctuary for relaxation and homework or a gaming and streaming cave lit with vibrant LED lights—a place that’s 100% for you.

This living and learning community features 16 communal living rooms with comfortable furnishings where you can connect with other residents or hang out with friends. Additionally, this residence hall houses multiple classrooms and meeting spaces, 16 study rooms, and a lengthy lawn where you can lounge or run around in the sun.

Fast Facts


  • Laundry (2 on 1st Floor)
  • 16 TV Lounges
  • 16 Study Rooms
  • Elevators (4)
  • Furnished (XL Twin Bed)
  • Full Visitation
  • Cable TV
  • Wireless Internet
  • Gated Parking
  • 24/7 Security

The Commons Cost

All rates include unlimited laundry, NSU-secured wireless internet, furnishings, utilities, air conditioning, cable TV, and local telephone service. All housing and declining plan rates and configurations are subject to change.

Room Types
Description Semester Cost Fall 2024
4-person suite with 4 bedrooms
5-person suite with 1 double bedroom and 3 single bedrooms

Meal Plan Requirement

As an on-campus resident, you will automatically be enrolled in one of two Declining Balance (DB) meal plans each semester. Apartments with full kitchens require a lower Declining Balance plan than those without— such as Leo Goodwin Sr. and The Commons.

Note: Your Account Billing Statement will list your meal plan as Declining Balance.

What is Declining Balance?

All students living in on-campus housing are enrolled in a mandatory declining balance (DB) meal plan for the Fall and Winter semesters.

Your Declining Balance plan is loaded onto your Shark Card and works like a debit card that can be used at any on-campus Shark Dining location. All DB meal plan transactions are tax-free and any remaining balance at the end of the Fall Semester will roll over to the Winter Semester. Any remaining balance at the end of the Winter Semester will expire, and no longer be available.

Learn More about Shark Dining

Floor Plans

floor plans for single suite

Single Suite

4-person suite with four single bedrooms and two bathrooms
floor plans for triple

Double Suite

5-person suite with three single bedrooms, one double bedroom and two bathrooms

Find Your Place. Meet Your People.

When you live on campus, everything at NSU is within your reach. NSU is more than attending lectures, taking notes, and studying in the library. Explore and expand your interests in any combination of ways, including:

  • Joining clubs and organizations.
  • Attending athletic and performing arts events.
  • Visiting museums.
  • Spending an afternoon at the beach.

Explore Student Life

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