Assignments Are For Classes. We Let You Select Your Own Room!

At Nova Southeastern University, you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to deciding where you live. If you choose to participate in the room selection process, you’ll see firsthand what is available in real time and stake claim to the bed, room, or apartment of your choosing. 
Do you have a preference for certain floors, directions of exterior walls, or distance from common areas? It’s all within your control. 
As with all things relating to housing, the room selection process is first-come, first-served. So, if you would like an advantage, we encourage you to plan early and submit your housing application and roommate selections at your earliest convenience.

Room Selection Step-by-Step

Start with Your Roommate Request

If you have specific people in mind with whom you’ve decided to be roommates, you’ll need to submit your Roommate Request before you select your room. Learn more about this process on the Roommate Selection Process page. 

As a reminder, only one person from your roommate group will need to complete the Room Self-Selection Process. Everyone else in the roommate group will receive a confirmation email once the room, suite, or apartment has been selected.

Ready to Select Your Room?

Log in to the Student Housing Portal.

The room selection process takes place in the Housing Portal.

You will receive your self-selection day and time after you have successfully submitted your housing contract on or before the posted deadline. (See Important Dates below.)

Log In to the Housing Portal

Go to the Self-Selection Pages in the Housing Portal

You will see multiple options on this page. Click on Select Room.

Choose Your Entry Term

Make sure you select the correct terms; i.e., Fall or Winter

Do you need additional assistance?

If you have questions or concerns that aren’t addressed here or on the Housing FAQs page, always feel welcome to contact our office directly.

Call us at (954) 262-7052 or toll-free at 800-541-6682, ext. 27052.

Email us at

Watch the Video Walkthrough

room selection video thumbnail

Download the Step-By-Step Guide

Choose Building and View

Your residence hall options will be listed on the left. You can open the accordion for more room options, or if you prefer a visual representation, click on Show Map in the upper right corner.

Select a Floor

Select a floor or wing using the map to view the available rooms. You may need to scroll to view all available options in the map view.

Select a Bed

In the map view, green beds denote available spaces; red beds are assigned. You many need to scroll to see all available options. You can click on a red bed to see more information about the person who selected that bed. 
Click on an available bed to select that bed/room. Your selection will be locked for five minutes to review and confirm your request on the next step. If you selected a bed/room in error, you can click Release Lock to go back to select a different room/bed.

Review Summary and Finish

Review the details of the room you’ve selected. You have the option to Email or Download the details of your room selection if you wish; while this isn’t required, it is encouraged.
If everything looks in order, click Finish at the bottom of the page before the countdown at the top of the page times out. Failure to do so will lead to your selection being released.

What's Next?

Congratulations! Look out for a confirmation email in your inbox.

You might have a few more checkboxes left to tick, including the following:

Important Dates

Roommate and room selection go hand in hand. Remember that you will need to select your roommates prior to taking part in the room self-selection process.

For New Students

January 9

Housing Contracts go live/ Roommate matching begins

March 11

FIN PASS goes live

April 15

FIN PASS Form deadline

May 1

Housing application deadline for self-selection eligibility / Accommodation Form deadline

May 2

Self-selection day and times are sent via email

May 10

Room self-selection begins for International and New Students

May 11

Room self-selection ends for International and New Students

For Returning Students

January 9

Housing Contracts go live/ Roommate matching begins

March 11

Housing Contract deadline for self-selection eligibility

March 12

Self-selection day and times are sent via email / Roommate matching begins

March 19

Rising Sophomores begin the self-selection process

March 20

Rising Juniors begin the self-selection process

March 21

Rising Seniors begin the self-selection process

What Happens if I Miss a Deadline?

If you declined to participate in the self-selection process or submitted your housing contract after the posted deadline, you will be manually assigned to the next available room or bed by University Housing.

Once you have been assigned a space, you will receive an email in your inbox from University Housing with details.

Residency Exemptions

NSU Florida student smiling and holding a sign that says "All Moved In"

If you fall into one of the below categories, you are exempt from the On-Campus Residency Requirement: (the same exemptions below apply)

  • You will reside with a parent or legal guardian within the tri-county area (Broward, Dade, or Palm Beach).
  • You are married or in a domestic partnership.
  • You are a veteran or active United States military personnel.
  • You are 20 years old or older.

If you fall into one of the categories above and do not intend to live on campus, you should not complete a housing contract.

Housing Options

Looking for a quick overview of your housing options? We’ve sorted the residence halls to help you see your options at a glance. See an overview by visiting the Housing Options page.

First-Year Students

Leo Goodwin Sr. Hall

Double- and triple-occupancy rooms for the budget-minded student with a number of communal study and living spaces.

Explore Leo Goodwin Sr. Hall

The Commons

The suite life with an abundance of vibrant social spaces and quiet study areas for the student who values calm amid the hustle and bustle.

Explore The Commons

Cultural Living Center

One- and two-bedroom apartments centered around a unique green and open-air courtyard.

Explore the CLC

Returning Students

Rolling Hills Apartments

A resort-style community featuring luxurious outdoor spaces, including a walk-in pool with a rock waterfall.

Explore Rolling Hills

Mako Hall

Home of the Razor’s Edge Shark Cage Innovation Center, our newest residence hall emphasizes community.

Explore Mako Hall

Farquhar, Founders, and Vettel Apartments

Experience apartment-style living steps away from the RecPlex and Student Center.

Explore the FFV Apartments

Off-Campus Housing

If you're a graduate student or an undergraduate student who has fulfilled the on-campus residency requirements listed above, you don’t have to worry about living on campus. We understand finding the perfect off-campus housing can be overwhelming, but we’ve got resources to help you with your search. From rental listings to roommate finder services, we've got you covered.

Off-Campus Housing