Keep Your Fin(ance)s Up. Come Work With Us!

You’re likely familiar with Resident Assistants due to your experience living on campus in your first year. But did you know we also hire Graduate Assistants and Front Office Staff

All housing employment opportunities include monetary compensation. You’ll also acquire valuable experience and soft skills that will propel you to the front of the pack as you start your professional career.

“I’ve been thinking I might like to be an RA.”

Two smiling and laughing NSU students seated on a gray couch. The one in the front is slightly blurry, but you can see that she’s holding an open book. The in-focus student further from the camera is looking directly into the camera.

Excellent! Let’s point you in the right direction to get started.

As an RA, you’ll live in your community, answering questions and helping residents with daily life events and concerns. You’ll be tasked to help plan fun and educational events. Additionally, you’ll actively enforce policies and university regulations.

The application goes live in November and offers are made in February. 

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Stand Out from the Crowd

We encourage you to meet with an Edge Adviser at the Center for Academic and Professional Success (CAPS) for guidance with tailoring and effectively relaying your experience on your resume. While you’re there, pick up some tips to help you with an interview, too! As an added bonus, familiarizing yourself with their services will help you help future residents!

Employment Opportunities

Front Office Staff - Security

Monitor entrances of residential buildings to ensure housing sign-in protocols are being followed. Assist in the general operation and communication of office procedures and functions. Answer and respond to in person or phone inquiries and lock outs.

After completing the Student Employment Workshop, log into JobX through SharkLink for more information and to complete the application.

Job ID: 7358 

Front Office Staff - Supervisor

Assist in training, scheduling, and supervising 20-30 front desk assistants. Serve as primary customer service representative for University Housing. 

After completing the Student Employment Workshop, log into JobX through SharkLink for more information and to complete the application.

Job ID: 7359

Graduate Assistant

Primary responsibility is supervision of the community development of a residential area housing approximately 180-608 residents; assisting with the supervision a staff of 5-16 Resident Assistants and assisting in the implementation of goals and objectives set forth by the Office of Residence Life.

Resident Assistant

The Resident Assistant (RA) is the core of the Student Affairs Staff in residence halls. RAs play a critical role in individual student and community growth and development. The quality of their efforts has a significant, direct bearing upon the quality of life experienced by all members of the University Community.